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Live Dealer

Your Top Selection Of Live Dealer Online games

Live dealer online casino games will change the way you play baccarat, roulette, casino Hold'em, and blackjack forever. Forget about making the trek to a live casino or settling for computer simulations. When you visit a casino online, live dealer games bring a real table staffed by a human croupier directly to your PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet. It's the best way play for real cash in the US.

Making the Move to Live Play

When playing at a casino online, live dealer games are as authentic as it gets. If you've ever enjoyed US casino online games, chances are you've been satisfied with the results. Yet there's always room for improvement. Don't you deserve the best experience when you play for real cash? If you aren't familiar with how internet games ordinarily work, they rely on RNGs or random number generators. These computer programs effectively simulate every roll of the dice, spin of the roulette wheel, card shuffle, or any other casino action. When enjoying the average game at a casino online, US players are essentially playing a real money video game.

Live dealer casino online games take a completely different approach. Whether you are playing live dealer online casino Hold'em, roulette, blackjack, or baccarat, your internet gambling site will stream a live table from either a studio or real casino to your Mac, PC, mobile, or tablet in real time. A gorgeous croupier will run the game using real cards, or in the case of roulette a genuine ball and wheel. 

There are many reasons why players opt player online casino live dealer game. The biggest of these is that live games mimic the experience of being in a bricks and mortar casino more effectively than standard online play. You can chat to other players, and sometimes the dealer, and enjoy the sights and sounds of flipping cards and spinning roulette wheels before a real casino backdrop.

When the US online casino industry first emerged, some players were sceptical. How could bettors be sure that sites weren't just taking them for a ride and always skewing games in favour of the house? Although independent audits and other thorough precautions are taken to ensure that this is not the case, some of the top casinos came up with the idea of the live dealer. Casino online games with a real croupier running the action don't require a leap of faith.

Points for Consideration

Before logging onto a top casino online, US gamblers should know that games with live croupiers are a bit slower than traditional internet games. The pace is more in line with what you would find at a live casino in the US. If you prefer cutting to the chase or playing at high speed, you might have to be a little patient.

If you are hoping to enjoy live games at an online casino, US sites let you play with any popular smartphone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection. Just keep in mind that if you are using a mobile connection, you'll need to make sure you have a decent signal, which usually isn't a problem in the US. You'll also use more data since video streaming requires far more bandwidth than traditional games. If your provider charges a lot for data use, then you can always use Wi-Fi.

US casino online players who are used to playing free games should note that it takes at least a few pounds to play live games. From the perspective of the casino online, live dealer games are expensive to operate. Sites need to hire, train, and pay staff real cash. As a result, these games are reserved for paying customers. Still, the limits are much lower than you'll find at a casino in London.

Finding Your Perfect Online Destination

Although live croupier games were once exclusive to a few of the best online gambling sites, they're now offered by a large number of sites based all over the world. But that's not to say that you should play real money live dealer games at just any casino online.

Fortunately our US review team have been testing, reviewing, and rating US casino online games for years. We not only assess the quality of the games, but we also examine the bank, software, friendliness and skill of the croupiers, and real cash bonuses for casino online players.

Only live sites that pass our rigorous testing procedure get our stamp of approval, so you can be sure that following any of the links or banners on this page will take you to one of the best live dealer casinos online in 2021.

Live Game FAQs

Live croupier games have become very popular with US online casino players. We've observed that over the past half-decade there has been major growth in online casino live games. Players enjoy the interactive nature of them and online casino have been smart in making sure that all dealers, both men and women, are attractive. Read our live dealer casino online FAQ now and discover everything you need to know about playing with a live croupier.

  • How do live games work?

    Live croupier games take place in a real casino environment. Some sites use tables located inside an offline casino, while others have dedicated studios filled with live dealers. Either way games include a croupier, a full gaming set up, and live video streaming of the gaming room over the Internet. The croupier runs the game and will interact with you and others who may be playing at the same time online. Players place their bets by selecting the appropriate amount and type of bet via the game’s interactive interface. You should know that the video stream only travels one way, so there's no need to get dressed or even comb your hair.

  • Are they US based?

    Yes, many US-based gambling sites offer online casino live dealer games. If you’re a US player, you’ll be able to access live croupier games that are offered by various casinos that are licensed and regulated by the US Gaming Commission (UKGC). The USGC has the highest standards for fair play, security, and gaming practices.

  • Are they safe to play?

    Just like other online casino titles, live dealer games are safe as long as players are utilizing a secure Internet connection and choose a reputable site. The streaming is all done online, which means that it is as secure as your online connection.

  • How do they compare with standard online games?

    Many players enjoy live games online because they play at the same pace as land-based casino table games. That means they are not as fast-paced as computer generated games. Plus, many players enjoy the human interaction that they have with the live dealer. has learnt from players that the personalized approach that they get from live croupier games makes the experience more fulfilling and real.

    Also, many players simply trust these games much more than those that are driven by software. Here at, we've found that they feel that betting on a real spinning roulette wheel or seeing real card decks being used for blackjack makes them feel more assured that they are enjoying a fair gaming experience.

  • What are the most popular games?

    The most popular live dealer game is blackjack. It is the clear winner. Other popular games include baccarat, casino Hold'em, and European as well as American roulette. Of course, these games are also popular at offline casinos.

  • Can I play at any time of day?

    Yes, many online casinos offer live games 24/7. Of course, if you are looking for specific croupiers, your favourites might not be working at a given time.

  • Are they available on mobile devices?

    You can definitely enjoy casino online live dealer games on your smartphone or tablet. Every site has its own system requirements, which means you should double check to see if your particular device is compatible.

  • Are they regulated?

    Yes, as it is with all other online casino games, live dealer games are regulated. The online casinos these live games as any land-based one would. They are run in full view of the players and if the casino is licensed for play in the US, they conform in every manner to industry and government standards.