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Casino Online Roulette: US Players Guide

Casino Online Roulette: US Players Guide

Real-money roulette is a great game for gamblers and can be played online at hundreds of sites. US players have a choice of many variants, and the range of stakes is huge.

Whether you're into classic European Roulette or you want to try out American or French variations, we have a top selection of sites in 2021. You can even give progressive variants a try which offer players the chance of a big-money jackpot.

All this is guaranteed at every one of our most recommended online casino:

  • Ease of payment and withdrawal through major bank
  • A wide variety of games, including different styles of roulette
  • Safety and security with industry-leading software

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Getting to Grips with Roulette

Roulette is a game of chance played with a wheel with 37 (38 in some variants) slots. The numbers 1-36 are coloured red and black alternately, while a zero (0) slot is coloured green.

Players place bets on a table layout by dragging chips to the spots they want to gamble on. The layout displays the numbers, and groups of numbers, that appear on the wheel. There is also a 'racetrack' which displays the numbers as they appear in order on the wheel.

Typical Bets & Payouts

When playing roulette online, single number bets pay out 35/1. The Columns pay 2/1, while outside bets like Odd/Even or Red/Black pay out 1/1 (even money). Note that if you place an outside bet and the zero (or double-zero) comes up, you will lose your money. There is no 'refund'.

  • 0 (Single zero) - 35/1
  • Single number - 35/1
  • Split (any two adjoining numbers) - 35/1
  • Street (three horizontal numbers) - 11/1
  • Corner (four adjoining numbers) - 8/1
  • Columns - 2/1
  • 1st dozen (Nos. 1-12) - 2/1
  • 2nd dozen (Nos. 13-24) - 2/1
  • 3rd dozen (Nos. 25-36) - 2/1
  • Odd/Even - 1/1
  • Red/Black - 1/1
  • 1-18 - 1/1
  • 19-36 - 1/1

Once you place a bet on an online roulette game, you hit the 'Spin' button and watch as the flash wheel spins. Once the ball comes to a stop, winning bets are paid out automatically. Players have the choice to leave their cash on the table and spin again, or collect their winnings and start again. You can also hit the 'Re-bet' button and repeat the same wagers for the next spin.

You'll notice the payout on a single number is 35/1. However, there are 37 numbers you can hit on the wheel. The difference is the casino's advantage, or "house edge". For example, in a game of European Roulette, the house edge is 2.7 percent. That means for every $100 bet, around $97.30 is paid back to players on average over the long-term.

Explore Your Favourite Variations

There are several variations of online roulette for you to try your luck with. Here we outline some of the popular roulette games available in the United States in 2021.

European Roulette

The most common form of roulette, European, features 37 numbers which run in the following order:

0- 32 - 15 - 19 - 4 - 21 - 2 - 25 - 17 - 34 - 6 - 27 - 13 - 36 - 11 - 30 - 8 - 23 - 10 - 5 - 24 - 16 - 33 - 1 - 20 - 14 - 31 - 9 - 22 - 18 - 29 - 7 - 28 - 12 - 35 - 3 - 26

The wheel features a single zero spot, coloured green. If the ball lands on zero, then all outside bets lose. European roulette has a house edge of 2.70%.

American Roulette

With the American variation of roulette, there are 38 numbers on the wheel, which run in this order:

0 - 28 - 9 - 26 - 30 - 11 - 7 - 20 - 32 - 17 - 5 - 22 - 34 - 15 - 3 - 24 - 36 - 13 - 1 - 00 - 27 - 10 - 25 - 29 - 12 - 8 - 19 - 31 - 18 - 6 - 21 - 33 - 16 - 4 - 23 - 35 - 14 - 2

In the American variation of roulette there are two green zero spots, a 0 and 00. All outside bets will lose in the advent of a 0 or 00 appearing. Because the green slots favour the house, the edge is much higher - around 5.26%.

French Roulette

French roulette is similar to the European variation. Both have 37 numbered pockets and one single zero. Unlike European Roulette, however, the table features sections in French. "Manque" is the bet on numbers 1-18, "Passe" is 19-36, "Pair" (Even) and "Impair” (Odd).

A French GCSE isn't necessary to understand this casino game, as the roulette table sections are translated into English underneath. The main features of French roulette are the "La Partage" and En Prison rules. In La Partage, if you place an even-money bet and the ball lands on 0, you only lose half your original bet.

With the En Prison rule, if the ball lands on 0, then the player is sent to "prison" and the fate of their bet depends on the next spin. If the player wins then they get to keep their bet with no extra winnings. If they lose then the house wins, and if it lands on 0 again, their fate depends on the next spin again and so on.

Multi-Wheel / Multi-Ball Roulette

Why bet on one wheel when you can bet on several at once? Multi-wheel roulette lets you gamble on the same set of numbers but across multiple wheels, a useful feature of playing roulette online.

Similarly, Multi-Ball games let you bet once but have three chances wins. In Multi-Ball roulette, three balls are used on a single wheel. While it gives players three chances winning, the wins are divided by three as a result.

No Zero Roulette

Perhaps one of the lesser known variations when it comes to online roulette is the No Zero variety. Doing exactly what it says on the tin by offering up wheels to spin that lack the zero, removing the house edge completely.

For this reason, you'll be hard pressed to find a roulette casino online that offers this variation. But when you do you'll know you're on to a winner and should try your luck at the wheel.

Live Dealer Roulette

If you love the thrill of playing in a real-life casino, this live dealer version offers the best chance of matching that experience when you play roulette online.

Live Dealer, or 'Live Casino', roulette lets you gamble against a human croupier. They handle the action on a real wheel and the computer pays out winnings for online casino players gambling at home.

Start Your Online Roulette Journey Today

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Roulette FAQs

  • Is online roulette legal?

    Yes. Top roulette games can be played for a wide range of stakes totally legally. Online casino games are legal in the US and sites have to be licensed in the United States.

  • Where can I play roulette?

    Most casino online sites offer roulette for real money, unless they are solely concerned with slots. You can enjoy a variety of games, and most let you try out a few for free first.

  • Is it popular in the US?

    Yes. Roulette is one of the most popular table games available in casinos. US online casino players love the game as it has one of the best payouts for a table game, 35/1.

  • How much is it possible wins?

    Casinos vary in the amount of the maximum bet allowed on roulette games. Some sites carry high roller versions which let you gamble for a few hundred pounds per spin. Multiply that by 35 for a single number and you have the potential of winning a lot of real cash.

  • Should I use a strategy when playing roulette?

    Betting systems are generally disproved as unreliable in the long term. However, you can employ sensible bankroll management when gambling on roulette online. Casino players in the US should start by sticking to even-money bets like Odd/Even or Red/Black and gradually throwing in the occasional single-number wager.

  • Are roulette online games rigged?

    No. Games are tested by approved labs to ensure the software works well over thousands of spins. Each game is governed by an RNG (Random Number Generator) which controls the fall of the ball. Every spin is completely random, so players shouldn't worry about games being fixed. Especially when you play roulette online through one of our recommended casinos!